About Us

Dhir Sporting Corporation was founded in Jalandhar, world capital in sports goods.

Our Story

Dhir Sporting Corporation was founded in Jalandhar, world capital in sports goods. In the year 1986 Dhir Sporting Corporation was built by”VIJAY DHIR” who have been capable of creating a reputation for supply of quality sports equipment notably for

> Cricket
> Badminton
> Skates
> Football
> Basketball
> Volleyball
> Carom board
> Skipping rope
> Fitness accessories
> Hosiery Products

We have travelled together since 1986 for 26 years and are not likely to be separated for many more years to come.

Our organization does not belong only to us but also belong to all our valued customers.

We have always endeavored to protect the faith of our customers and to work on the most responsible profit and our price speaks for itself in a clear manner. It could not have been possible without the co-operation and support of our customers to reach such heights.

Our Skilled & dedicated profession numbering about 150 have established us a reliable name both in the Indian and International market. We are the one of leading manufacturer of large range of sports products and as for a quality is concerned, we try to match the International Standard. Our products have been launched with brand name DIXON CLUB & BOB. We believe in principles and ensure best after sales service and excellent customer relationship.


It is our aim to supply the sports goods at the most competitive price so that the children and youth can afford to purchase these for their personal use. Lastly you see a product cheaper than anywhere else which clearly depicts our capability to beat others.


DIXON and Ying Brands for the professionals
Club and Nano Brands for the armatures
Bob and Radu brands for the Beginners

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